Crawford, D.L. 1925. Notes on California Psyllidae. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society 6(1): 30-31.

Distribution Data from source:

Craspedolepta angustipennisSouthwestern USACaliforniaSan BernardinoCamp Baldy1920
Cacopsylla brevistigmataSouthwestern USACaliforniaSan BernardinoMount San Antonio1920
Bactericera salicivoraSouthwestern USACaliforniaLos AngelesWhittier1920
Trioza bakeriSouthwestern USACaliforniaSan BernardinoBear Flats1920
Trioza viridisSouthwestern USACaliforniaSan BernardinoMount Baldy1920
Cacopsylla maculataSouthwestern USACaliforniaSan BernardinoMount San Antonio1920

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