Caldwell, J.S. 1936. Seven new species of the genus Aphalara (Homoptera: Chermidae). Ohio Journal of Science 36: 220-223.

Distribution Data from source:

Craspedolepta constrictaNorthwestern USA & CanadaIdahoPowerAmerican Falls1930
Craspedolepta constrictaNorthwestern USA & CanadaIdahoTwin FallsMurtaugh1930
Craspedolepta constrictaSouthwestern USAArizonaCochiseHereford1907
Craspedolepta constrictaSouthwestern USAColoradoPueblo
Craspedolepta constrictaSouthwestern USAUtahCacheSardine Canyon1933
Craspedolepta ochraceaNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaCharter Oak
Craspedolepta ochraceaNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaConewagoAt least 3 different Conewagos in just as many counties are found in PA, but Caldwell does not specify the location
Craspedolepta ochraceaNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaSpeechville
Craspedolepta ochraceaNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaClarionFoxburg
Craspedolepta ochraceaNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaDauphinHarrisburg
Craspedolepta ochraceaNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaErieNorth East1919
Craspedolepta furcataCentral USA & CanadaOntarioAlgomaSault Ste. Marie1904
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaAllenhurst1919
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaCharter Oak
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaNorth Bloomfield
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaPt. Royal
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaSpeechville
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaDauphinHarrisburg
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaErieNorth East1919
Craspedolepta furcataNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvaniaPerryDuncannon
Craspedolepta furcataSoutheastern USAFloridaMiami-Dade1934
Craspedolepta furcataSoutheastern USAVirginiaBattle Pt.
Craspedolepta sinuataCentral USA & CanadaNorth DakotaCassTower City
Craspedolepta subpunctataNortheastern USA & CanadaNew YorkSt. LawrenceCranberry Lake1917

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