Tuthill, L.D. 1939. New species of Psyllidae from the western United States. Iowa State College Journal of Science 13: 181-186.

Distribution Data from source:

Bactericera rubraNorthwestern USA & CanadaOregonKlamathSun Pass1935
Bactericera rubraSouthwestern USAArizonaCoconinoGrand Canyon1927
Bactericera rubraSouthwestern USANew MexicoGrantSilver City1936
Trioza inversaNorthwestern USA & CanadaBritish ColumbiaBear Lake1903
Trioza inversaSouthwestern USAColoradoHinsdaleSlumgullion Pass1037
Trioza inversaSouthwestern USAUtahLogan Canton1934
Trioza miraNorthwestern USA & CanadaWashingtonWhitmanPullman1937
Trioza miraSouthwestern USAColoradoHinsdaleSlumgullion Pass1937
Trioza stygmaSouthwestern USACaliforniaPlacer
Trioza viridisSouthwestern USACaliforniaSanta BarbaraCuyama Ranch1935
Calophya oweniSouthwestern USAColoradoMontezumaMesa Verde Park1938

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