Hodkinson I.D. & J. Bird. 2000. Sedge and rush-feeding psyllids of the subfamily Liviinae (Insecta: Hemiptera: Psylloidea): a review Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 128(1): 1-49.

Distribution Data from source:

Livia bifasciataCentral USA & CanadaMichigan
Livia bifasciataCentral USA & CanadaNebraska
Livia bifasciataCentral USA & CanadaOntario
Livia bifasciataCentral USA & CanadaWisconsin
Livia bifasciataNortheastern USA & CanadaConnecticut
Livia bifasciataNortheastern USA & CanadaMaine
Livia bifasciataNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Hampshire
Livia bifasciataNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Jersey
Livia bifasciataNortheastern USA & CanadaNew York
Livia bifasciataNortheastern USA & CanadaOhio
Livia bifasciataNortheastern USA & CanadaQuebecCap Rouge
Livia bifasciataSoutheastern USAVirginia
Livia bifasciataSoutheastern USAWest Virginia
Livia caricisCentral USA & CanadaIllinois
Livia caricisNorthwestern USA & CanadaIdaho
Livia caricisNorthwestern USA & CanadaOregon
Livia caricisNorthwestern USA & CanadaWyoming
Livia caricisSouthwestern USAArizona
Livia caricisSouthwestern USACalifornia
Livia caricisSouthwestern USAColoradoBoulder
Livia caricisSouthwestern USANevada
Livia caricisSouthwestern USANew Mexico
Livia caricisSouthwestern USAUtah
Livia crawfordiCentral USA & CanadaIllinois
Livia crawfordiCentral USA & CanadaIndiana
Livia crawfordiCentral USA & CanadaKansas
Livia crawfordiCentral USA & CanadaMichigan
Livia crawfordiCentral USA & CanadaOntario
Livia crawfordiCentral USA & CanadaSouth Dakota
Livia crawfordiCentral USA & CanadaWisconsin
Livia crawfordiNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Hampshire
Livia crawfordiNortheastern USA & CanadaNew York
Livia crawfordiNorthwestern USA & CanadaWyoming
Livia crawfordiSouthwestern USAColorado
Livia crawfordiSouthwestern USANew Mexico
Livia lobataSouthwestern USACaliforniaSierra
Livia maculipennisCentral USA & CanadaOntario
Livia maculipennisNortheastern USA & CanadaConnecticut
Livia maculipennisNortheastern USA & CanadaMassachusetts
Livia maculipennisNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Hampshire
Livia maculipennisNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Jersey
Livia maculipennisNortheastern USA & CanadaNew York
Livia maculipennisNortheastern USA & CanadaOhio
Livia maculipennisNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvania
Livia maculipennisSouthcentral USAArkansasMillerTexarkana
Livia maculipennisSoutheastern USAAlabama
Livia maculipennisSoutheastern USADistrict of Columbia
Livia maculipennisSoutheastern USAFlorida
Livia maculipennisSoutheastern USAMaryland
Livia maculipennisSoutheastern USANorth Carolina
Livia maculipennisSoutheastern USAVirginia
Livia manitobensisCentral USA & CanadaManitobaNorthernSherridon1949
Livia manitobensisCentral USA & CanadaManitobaRural Municipality of MountainBirch River1937
Livia manitobensisCentral USA & CanadaMinnesota
Livia manitobensisNortheastern USA & CanadaMaine
Livia manitobensisNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Brunswick
Livia manitobensisNorthwestern USA & CanadaAlbertaAlbertas RockiesBanff1925
Livia manitobensisSouthwestern USAUtah
Livia opaquaCentral USA & CanadaIllinois
Livia opaquaCentral USA & CanadaIowa
Livia opaquaCentral USA & CanadaSouth Dakota
Livia opaquaNortheastern USA & CanadaMassachusetts
Livia opaquaNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Hampshire
Livia opaquaNortheastern USA & CanadaOhioRichlandLucas1935
Livia opaquaNortheastern USA & CanadaOhioSummitHawkins1902
Livia opaquaNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvania
Livia opaquaSoutheastern USADistrict of Columbia
Livia opaquaSoutheastern USAMaryland
Livia saltatrixCentral USA & CanadaMichiganWexford1952
Livia saltatrixCentral USA & CanadaOntario
Livia saltatrixNortheastern USA & CanadaConnecticut
Livia saltatrixNortheastern USA & CanadaNew HampshireCoos1986
Livia saltatrixNortheastern USA & CanadaQuebecCap Rouge
Livia vernalisCentral USA & CanadaIllinois
Livia vernalisCentral USA & CanadaIowa
Livia vernalisCentral USA & CanadaKansas
Livia vernalisCentral USA & CanadaMichigan
Livia vernalisCentral USA & CanadaOntarioToronto
Livia vernalisCentral USA & CanadaSouth Dakota
Livia vernalisCentral USA & CanadaWisconsin
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaConnecticut
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaMaine
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaMassachusetts
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Hampshire
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaNew Jersey
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaNew York
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaOhio
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaPennsylvania
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaQuebec
Livia vernalisNortheastern USA & CanadaVermont
Livia vernalisSouthcentral USAArkansas
Livia vernalisSoutheastern USADistrict of Columbia
Livia vernalisSoutheastern USALouisiana
Livia vernalisSoutheastern USAMaryland
Livia vernalisSoutheastern USAVirginia
Livia vernalisSouthwestern USAArizona
Livia vernaliformaCentral USA & CanadaNorth DakotaWilliamsWilliston
Livia vernaliformaNorthwestern USA & CanadaMontana
Livia vernaliformaNorthwestern USA & CanadaWyoming
Livia vernaliformaSouthwestern USACaliforniaYosemite1940
Livia vernaliformaSouthwestern USANevada
Livia vernaliformaSouthwestern USAUtah

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