Caldwell, J. S. 1937. Some North American relatives of Aphalara calthae Linnaeus (Homoptera: Chermidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 30(4): 563-569 [567].

Distribution Data from source:

Aphalara confusaNorthwestern USA & CanadaWyomingYellowstone1930. Type
Aphalara curtaCentral USA & CanadaIowa
Aphalara curtaCentral USA & CanadaKansas
Aphalara curtaCentral USA & CanadaNebraska
Aphalara curtaCentral USA & CanadaSouth Dakota
Aphalara curtaCentral USA & CanadaWisconsinMonroeTomahType
Aphalara curtaNorthwestern USA & CanadaWyoming
Aphalara curtaSouthwestern USAArizona
Aphalara curtaSouthwestern USACaliforniaAlamedavar. californica
Aphalara curtaSouthwestern USACaliforniaMariposaFish Campvar. californica
Aphalara curtaSouthwestern USAColorado
Aphalara curtaSouthwestern USAUtah
Aphalara dentataNorthwestern USA & CanadaWyomingCarbonMedicine Bow
Aphalara dentataSouthwestern USACaliforniaPlacer
Aphalara locaCentral USA & CanadaIllinois
Aphalara locaCentral USA & CanadaIowa
Aphalara locaNorthwestern USA & CanadaOregon
Aphalara locaNorthwestern USA & CanadaWashington
Aphalara locaSoutheastern USADistrict of Columbia
Aphalara locaSoutheastern USATennessee
Aphalara locaSouthwestern USAArizona
Aphalara locaSouthwestern USACaliforniaSan BernardinoOntario
Aphalara locaSouthwestern USAColoradoLarimerFort Collins
Aphalara locaSouthwestern USANew Mexico
Aphalara maculataSouthwestern USACaliforniaNevadaCastle RockType
Aphalara nigraCentral USA & CanadaManitobaNorthernChurchill
Aphalara nubiferaNortheastern USA & CanadaMainePenobscotOrono1916. var reducta
Aphalara nubiferaNorthwestern USA & CanadaWashington
Aphalara nubiferaSouthwestern USAColoradoLarimerFort Collins1899. Types
Aphalara nubiferaSouthwestern USAUtah
Aphalara persicariaNortheastern USA & CanadaOhioAuglaize
Aphalara persicariaNortheastern USA & CanadaOhioMaumee
Aphalara persicariaNortheastern USA & CanadaOhioPickaway1936. Type
Aphalara similaNorthwestern USA & CanadaIdahoTwin Falls Shoshone Basin1930. Types
Aphalara similaNorthwestern USA & CanadaOregon
Aphalara similaNorthwestern USA & CanadaWashington
Aphalara similaNorthwestern USA & CanadaWyoming
Aphalara similaSouthwestern USACalifornia
Aphalara similaSouthwestern USAColorado
Aphalara similaSouthwestern USAUtah

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