Bactericera antennata (Crawford, 1910)
Psylloidea : Triozidae :

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Descriptions and Illustrations

Crawford, 1914

Crawford, 1911

Tuthill, 1950

Crawford, 1914

Related species

B. arbolensis     B. arctica     B. arcuata     B. athenae     B. atkasookensis     B. bohemica     B. caldwelli     B. californica     B. cockerelli     B. dorsalis     B. dubia     B. incerta     B. lavaterae     B. lobata     B. maculipennis     B. maura     B. minuta     B. pletschi     B. pulla     B. rubra     B. salicivora     B. schwarzii     B. shepherdiae     B. singularis     B. varians    

Recorded hosts

Polygonaceae: Polygonum     Polygonum persicaria    

Species recorded from similar hosts

Aphalara calthae     A. curta     A. loca     A. persicaria    

Distribution Map

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Internet references

Bugguide - photos: adult
The Psyllid Fauna of South Texas - photos: adult


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